12 Federal Judges Suggest They No Longer Hire Yale Law School Employees… But Too Loose To Record

Last week, Judge James Ho took a bold stand against the ‘woke mob’ oppressing conservative Yale Law School students by saying he is no longer hiring conservative Yale Law School students. Yale. It might sound counterproductive, but remember James Ho is seen as a potential future conservative Supreme Court pick and he realized the conservative media wasn’t reporting on him for 20 seconds, so he threw red meat to marginal outlets by going after Yale. Right.

Yale Law has become the avatar of grumbling conservatives largely on the back of the Washington Free Beacon’s commitment to convert every molehill in New Haven into a mountain, promoting every rule-abiding protest as if speakers are dodging at barely molotov cocktails and placing a group of students scolded at a stereotypical racial partying on a pedestal between Mandela and Solzhenitsyn. Yale is not only more liberal than any other institution that favors intelligent and academically gifted people, but it is the Horcrux that these people have chosen to bear the brunt of a star falling from their plaintive grievances.

I mean…tell me you only source from law school without telling me you only source from law school, right?

Ho called on other judges to join his boycott, probably expecting no one to accept it, as jeopardizing the careers of stellar young conservatives just to upset the non-conservatives they go to school with. no sense. The only Yale Law graduates who already applying to work with Ho would be the go-getter legacy hoping to climb the ladder MAGArum course of the conservative legal movement, so who is really hurt here?

Not Yale Law School. Whether its handful of conservative graduates are almost guaranteed to intern in a federal justice system massively overcrowded with right-wing cronies compared to the rest of the population, the rest of their graduates will still get those jobs. Yale’s representation on the Supreme Court could plummet as the conservative majority loses Yale graduates going through foster justices, but US News doesn’t care. Frankly, only Above the Law rankings put thumbs on the SCOTUS and Yale Law clerk scale is already out of the top 10 of this ranking anyway.

Josh Blackman took a different angle and suggested that the proposal provides a way to distill ideological purity:

How, then, should a judge assess a conservative candidate who chooses to go to Yale? This person knowingly entered the trapdoor to get an elite degree. I think it is reasonable for a judge to conclude that the plaintiff exercised poor professional judgment.

Why? Poor professional judgment for attending a law school that until last week virtually guaranteed them an internship? And what does it matter that the student went to a school with more liberals than conservatives anyway? Aside from the fact that this describes almost any law school, Blackman questions anyone who would go “knowing how inhospitable Yale is to conservatives.” Is it bad judgment to go to a school because other students might challenge you? Not a lot of “courage of conviction” around these pieces, huh?

Blackman continues:

I don’t know if any YLS students were actually transferred.

Yeah, no shit.

But despite everything, according to the WFB, a dozen federal judges signed this dubious plan! Who are these very stable lifetime geniuses?

The judges joining the boycott, all of whom requested anonymity in order to speak freely, cited a series of incidents where they say free speech was under attack at Yale Law…



Nobody’s ready to bear or shut up, huh? Because a “pressure campaign” doesn’t really work when no one is willing to speak up. Of course, being recorded would have us all pointing fingers and laughing at the prospect of an unqualified third-level ABA judge getting a Yale clerk in the first place. It’s like a 14-year-old boy who announces he’s given up dating models.

Or perhaps these other judges considered this analysis from the National Law Journal:

Legal ethics counselor and University of Miami law professor Jan Jacobowitz says comments by Judge James Ho of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit criticizing Yale could create recusal issues in the future….

Calling Ho’s refusal to work with Yale graduates over the incident “irony 2.0,” Jacobowitz said prospective Yale Law graduates who appear before Ho for hearings might fear the judge may be biased against them. against.

“Any party that retains a Yale Law School graduate or happens to be a Yale graduate could reasonably believe that they would get a fair trial in the judge’s courtroom,” she explained.

What actually makes it worse. If these judges hate Yale Law graduates but refuse to be open about it, that magnifies the ethical issues.

All to throw a private tantrum against an institution that produces perhaps 25 conservative graduates per year? It’s probably generous. And that’s the real reason they’re directing all that shouting at Yale. Harvard is just as ideologically biased, but its classes are more than double those of Yale.

Nothing is a more principled position than a boycott designed to inconvenience you the least.

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