A Complete Timeline of Kim Kardashian’s Law School Journey


Balenciaga for the baby bar.

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Do you remember where you were when Kim Kardashian announced she was going to be a lawyer? We wouldn’t be surprised – while her family are no strangers to a scandal (and publicity stunt) or threesome, we never would have guessed that Kim would be throwing the law school card.

Of course, once the shock of her announcement wore off, it was a little easier to see exactly why she had decided to do it. His late father, Robert Kardashian, was himself a lawyer. In fact, he was put in the limelight long before his family were when he represented OJ Simpson in his now infamous murder trial.

Kim undoubtedly inherited her father’s quirks and manners, but perhaps she also inherited his love for the law.

So while the shock (and doubts) were so real when she first announced it, we can’t help but support Kim on this new challenge.

You have to hand it to her – she’s built a whole empire around her by launching clothing lines of beauty and form. The girl is really serious.

Here, we take a look back at Powerhouse’s (AKA Kim Kardashian) journey through law school to date.


2019: Kim announces that she will become a lawyer

Kim Kardashian has announced that she is starting a four-year law apprenticeship in May 2019.

Of course, she never does things by halves, so she spilled the wick via a Vogue blanket. Just your usual college ad …

The reality TV star was quick to reiterate that she was not going “to law school” as such, but rather “reading the law”.

In California (where she studies), a student is not required to have an undergraduate degree to become a lawyer, but he To do must pass a baby bar exam. This is the path Kim decided to take.

2019-2021: Study for the baby bar exam

In the two years since she announced she was studying to become a lawyer, Kim has struggled to pass the baby bar exam.

For a quick explanation, the baby bar is not a walk in the park. It is also known as the first year law student exam and is seven hours long. Yes, it’s a full working day — yes.

In the season 20 premiere of keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim explained, “There are four one-hour essays you have to write, and then there are 300 multiple-choice questions.”

She first passed the test when she appeared on the show and unfortunately failed.

That said, Kim was not in the minority. According to the State Bar of California, this year’s exam saw a passing rate down 20.7%.

The reality TV star has since revealed that she passed the test twice more in two years, but failed both.

December 2021: Kim passes the baby bar exam

In her biggest step in law school yet, Kim announced in December that she had passed the baby bar exam on her fourth attempt.

The Skims founder posted a carousel of images on Instagram featuring her in a bright blue Balenciaga bodysuit (because when you’re Kimmy K, that’s how it is).

In the caption, she enthusiastically wrote: “OMFGGGG I PASSED THE BABY BAR EXAM !!!!”

She continued, “I failed this exam 3 times in 2 years, but got up each time and studied harder and tried again until I did !!!

“In California the way I study law, you have to take 2 bar exams, it was only the first but with the highest pass rate. The best lawyers told me it was a journey almost impossible and more difficult than the traditional law school route, but it was my only option and I feel so good to be here and on track to achieve my goals. ”

She then thanked various tutors who had helped her through the process, eventually ending up with her late father who was her main inspiration from the start.

“I know my dad would be so proud and he would actually be so shocked to know it’s my way now, but he would have been my best study partner. I was told he was known to make fun of it. people who didn’t succeed. on their first try like he did, but he would have been my greatest cheerleader! “

Always the (a little) wise owl, Kim concluded with some great advice: “At the end of the day, never give up, even when you hold onto a thread you can do it !!!!! do it because how good it feels once you’re on the other side! “

Go away Kimmy.

What’s next for Kim’s law degree?

The reality TV star will now have to pass another exam before she can continue her legal career, but as she has said before, the second test is not as difficult as the first.

The question of when what will happen remains a secret. For now, we’ll let her bask in the tailoring as she celebrates this first major milestone.


Nancy I. Romero