Actor Ameer Gilani graduated from Harvard Law School

Congratulations to actor Ameer Gilani, who earned his law degree from the prestigious Harvard Law School. The budding star shared photos from her graduation on Instagram, prompting congratulatory messages from the dramatic fraternity. Gilani’s friend, fellow actor and rumored wife Mawra Hocane also took the opportunity to share how proud she was of him.

Speaking to the photo-sharing app, Gilani wrote in the post dedicated to her life-changing achievement, “Smiles all around! Al-Hamdulillah. Nothing beats the feeling of being surrounded by happy and positive people.” He then dedicated his achievement to “mama, baba, Ranya and all my lovely friends, those with whom I was able to celebrate and those who prayed from a distance . Love and prayers for you all.”

Gilani concluded with a nod to everything that has helped him get to where he is today. “Thori Qabiliyat (a bit of potential), Boht achay ustaad (incredible teachers), Boht Zyaada mehnat (a lot of hard work), Uss se zyaada sab ki duaein or sab se zyaada Allah Ka Karam (and more than all that prayers and blessings of God), Alhamdulillah.”

Hocane took to the comments section of her post with glee. “Amir! Congratulations MashaAllah,” she wrote. “You make our hearts swell with immense pride and joy, always!
brilliant brilliant achievement!” In response, Gilani shared, “Thank you so much Mawra. This would not have been possible without your prayers! I know how much you prayed and helped from a distance!” She replied, “You are welcome. Come back now and let’s roll, InshaAllah! Also, treat?

Gilani maintained that he was thrilled to come back and get back to riding, “Oh yeah! Excited for it Insha’allah. Of course, as soon as I get back.”

Gilani starred in Sabaat opposite Hocane and their on-screen chemistry sparked many questions as viewers enjoyed their compelling performances. About their alleged “romance”, Hocane had even affirmed one-on-one the The big choice“It’s so nice of the fans that they love me and Ameer together, we are very good friends, and if the fans love us together, they will definitely enjoy our next drama, I take these comments as compliments, that’s so kind of the fans. Ameer is an amazing human being and we’re both really close friends and friends can get married too if they want.”

It was reported in February that the duo were set to star in a new drama soon.

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Nancy I. Romero