Adelaide Law School partners with Ministry of Defense

Launching a new partnership, Adelaide Law School has signed a contract to provide legal education services to the Commonwealth Ministry of Defense.

In exciting news for the university, Australian Defense Force (ADF) lawyers will take three new postgraduate courses offered at Adelaide Law School. Announcing this new development, the law school said it will offer education in administrative, disciplinary and military operational law.

All three postgraduate courses will count towards a new Graduate Certificate in Military Law. Additionally, some military attorneys who are studying under the contract will also undertake elective courses from existing law offerings to complete a master’s degree in law.

“This contract reinforces the cutting-edge teaching and research already undertaken by the Faculty of Law, and in particular the Military Law and Ethics Research Unit, in key areas related to military and military law. national security, ”the university explained.

Adelaide Law School is currently supervising a number of military and ex-military doctoral students and said it will continue to undertake cutting-edge research in military operations and space law, veterans of the l ‘ADF and the criminal justice system, influence operations and international / national law. , and operations law and ethics.

Adelaide Law School partners with Ministry of Defense

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Last updated: November 15, 2021

Posted: November 15, 2021

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