Black man denied by almost all law schools becomes family’s first lawyer Ghana news

  • Black man, Ray Curtis Petty Jr, ESQ, became his family’s first lawyer after overcoming tribulations
  • Telling his story, he remembers his teachers telling him he should be in special education classes.
  • After earning his undergraduate degree, he was rejected by almost every law school he applied to.
  • Despite the obstacles, he achieved his goal of becoming a first generation lawyer in his family.

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Ray Curtis Petty Jr, ESQ is the definition of a fighter who overcame cycles of obstacles that life threw at him to achieve his goal as a legal mastermind, becoming his family’s first lawyer.

Intrepid by the mountain of hardships and shortcomings of childhood, he triumphed and made history as a lawyer for the first generation of his family.

Recounting his story on his Instagram account, he remembers his teachers telling him he should be in special education classes. His coaches also doubted his ability to remember a playbook as a child, he said.

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Black Man Poses With A Photo Of His Family Member As He Becomes A Lawyer
Black man turned down by all law schools he applied to becomes his family’s first lawyer Photo credit: Ray Curtis Petty Jr., ESQ
Source: Instagram

Bag your first diploma

Petty Jr continued to prove them wrong, earning her first degree at Albany State University. However, he would face another hurdle in his quest to earn a law degree.

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”[I] was turned down by every law school I applied to except one. ”

When he finally arrived at Thomas M. Cooley Law School at Western Michigan University, Petty Jr had a positive impact on the school and students, as president of the Student Bar Association and as a duplicate in as a paralegal in the United States Air Force Reserves.

Losing his sister

During this period, misfortune strikes him when he loses his sister in his arms before his last semester in law school. He struggled and overcame depression by taking five classes, he said.

Despite life’s challenges, he graduated as a farewell speaker in his law class. Through each injury, he grew in resilience.

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Pass the bar

Becoming a lawyer was also another hurdle as he failed on his first attempt. ” Passed the bar exam and failed the first time. Passed the bar exam on my second attempt. ”

“Now I am the first lawyer in my family,” he said.

His account has inspired many Internet users.

The team said:

We don’t know each other but your story is inspiring! God bless you!!”

Boldenjr_ said:

“, I will always appreciate that you help me. ”

Frilancy commented:

I don’t know you but I’m proud of you brother

Lady celebrates becoming a lawyer

Additionally, Briya Brown became a first generation lawyer in her family after graduating from the bar, and she achieved it through hard work.

As the black woman and the first person in her family to achieve this feat, Brown said she had achieved it without “advice or documents.”

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Recounting her success story, she said: ‘I passed the bar exam. God said it, I believed it and declared it, and it’s done!

“It was quite a challenge to work, study and pass this rigorous exam virtually during a global pandemic, and my computer crashed twice! I passed the yall bar exam! And the first time! He is a mighty God, ” she said.

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