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We have put together for you the books written in the field of public procurement law and the most important lecture notes.

Public procurement law; This is a branch of law that covers the procedures and principles of tenders launched by public institutions and bodies for the purpose of purchasing certain goods or services. The quality and continuity of calls for tenders carried out within the framework of a certain legislation are guaranteed by the law on public contracts. Indeed, like any branch of law, new articles are added following certain changes according to the current understanding of society. In this context, up-to-date information for officials from the tendering service of public institutions and bodies. Public procurement regulations knowledge of the subject is essential. The fact that officials are responsible for all kinds of transactions they make during the tendering process again reveals the need for full dominance in government procurement law. In this regard, it is very important to follow the legislation in force. In this context, we would like to recommend 3 books containing the current legislation.

Public procurement law and practice / Muhittin AbacıoÄŸlu – Ali AbacıoÄŸlu

New Public procurement law This book, which has been written with the clearest examples of the law, is a wealth of information for lawyers entering the field of tendering. Included in the book;

  • Public Procurement Law No. 4734,
  • Public Procurement Law No. 4735
  • Applicable Articles of Law No. 2886 on Public Procurement

Written in plain language and with an explanatory phrase. This work, crowned with success in its field, in particular by its applied narrative style, provides clearer information on procedures and principles while guaranteeing the integrity of legislation relating to public procurement. The book ‘Public Procurement Law and Practice’, containing a total of 1480 pages, is on the shelves in its 2021st edition from 12. In addition, one aspect that sets it apart from other books in its field is on the CD in addition to the book. You will also be able to access the legislation in force on calls for tenders on CD.

Tendering Act Lecture notes / Atilla Inan

Again In tendering law This book, which is a mine of information for lawyers wishing to have knowledge, welcomes us with short lecture notes and explanatory explanations. The principles and procedures of the tendering process, tender contracts, administrative and penal sanctions to be applied against situations that may arise in the field of tenders are presented to readers in a simple manner in the book. Hunt. Written by Atilla Inan, this book published its 2021st edition on February 6 and consists of 256 pages. It can be considered as starting work for the purpose of introduction to public procurement law.

Public procurement law / Eren Toprak

This book, published for the first time from 2021, presents together the concepts, procedures and general principles of public procurement law, administrative inspection and sanctions. From information given by Eren Toprak on the book, it is deduced that it is the product of a three-year study. In addition, Eren Toprak, who explains the information she obtained by scanning over 200 final judgments in a professional manner in her book, has prepared it for the purpose of guiding people who will enter into public procurement law or who work in this area. Each subject of the book is explained in detail. This book, which contains a total of 544 pages, is one of the books every public procurement lawyer should have.

The mentioned books have been reviewed by us and have been presented to you. We humbly recommend that you digitize these 3 books in order to access and understand the rules of the law on public contracts as quickly as possible. Good day..


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