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Liberty University has announced that Morse Tan is the new Dean of Liberty University Law School. Most recently, Tan served as an ambassador for the US State Department’s Office of Global Criminal Justice, where he helped catch and convict war criminals in Sri Lanka, Rwanda, the Balkans and Lebanon. Liberty executives say Tan not only brings a wealth of experience to his field, but is also bold in his faith and fully supports Liberty’s Christian mission. Tan and his wife, Dr Sarah Tan, have four children. Tan will take up his post on January 1.

Here’s the full Liberty University announcement:


Lynchburg, VA – Liberty University has announced that Morse Hyun-Myung Tan has been appointed the new Dean of Liberty University School of Law. Tan will take office on January 1, 2022.

Most recently, Tan served as a Goodwill Ambassador for the US State Department’s Office of Global Criminal Justice, where he oversaw the charge, punishment, capture and / or conviction of war criminals in Sri Lanka, Rwanda. , in the Balkans and Lebanon. During his legal career, Tan served briefly as a lawyer and legal counsel for large law firms. He has worked mainly in legal universities and has published numerous law journal articles and presented presentations on bioethics and international human rights, notably as an expert on North Korea. Tan has been a professor of law or visiting scholar at the University of Texas, Austin Law School, St. Thomas University Law School, Coastal Florida Law School, Northern Illinois University Law School, Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, and Handong International Law School in Pohang, Korea, where he helped found the first US JD program in Asia. Ambassador Tan is the author of “North Korea, International Law and Double Crises” (Routledge). He has lectured on North Korean politics, international criminal law, international human rights, bioethics, and constitutional law.

“At Liberty, we are looking for leaders who not only bring a wealth of experience in their field, but who are bold in their faith and fully support our Christian mission,” said President Jerry Prevo. “We are delighted to welcome Ambassador Tan, who will help train future legal professionals with the biblical principles that are so desperately needed in our country today.”

“Morse Tan is uniquely qualified for this position and will take our Liberty Law School to new heights,” said Dr. Scott Hicks, President and Director of Studies. “He is passionate about teaching law from a biblical worldview, mentoring students and inspiring faculty and staff. His greatest desire is to serve the Lord in his work, competently and effectively, and we are honored that he joins us.

Tan said it was Liberty’s distinct Christian mission that drew him to the role of dean.

“The mission was the most important factor, with a pretty big margin,” he said. “It really is very special to have a law school dedicated to following our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in, around and through the legal profession. It’s special to be able to train and equip students for this and to try to make an impact on the world through what they do and what the professors do too. That’s what really got me excited about Liberty and made me want to come join the team.

“To follow Jesus and to be his is what I am, deep down, more than anything else. All I have done is try to follow it step by step through my life, whether it be my ministry to my family, or the US State Department, or law schools. I am first and foremost an Ambassador of Jesus Christ, as much honor as being also Ambassador of the United States of America.

Tan received his BA and MA from Wheaton College and his JD from Northwestern University School of Law, where he obtained a concentration in international law.

Tan is fluent in Spanish and Korean, with some basic knowledge of French, Chinese, Portuguese and Latin. He is married to Dr Sarah Tan and they have four children: Hope, 15; Enoch, 13 years old; Isaiah, 9; and Moses, 7.

Besides his career endeavors, Tan is also an accomplished tennis player and cellist.


Nancy I. Romero