Fragomen Immigration Law School Opportunity for Scottish Students

A GLOBAL law firm’s opportunity to learn about potential careers in the world of immigration is open to Scottish applicants.

Fragomen British Immigration School is aimed at high school students, university students and graduates.

The school is a free online program featuring lecturers from law, politics, economics, media and other key sectors. More than 400 people took part last year.

Fragomen, which has more than 6,000 staff providing specialist immigration support in 170 countries, said the series of evening sessions will provide insight into the many options available for a career in immigration.

The two-hour sessions will take place in October and November of this year. The application deadline is October 2 [2022]. Those accepted to take the course will participate in four webinars every Tuesday (6-8 p.m.) between October 4 and October 25.

Natasha Catterson, Partner at Fragomen, said: “The immigration sector presents several career opportunities and the school will provide insight into the options available.

“Participants will be able to indicate their participation on their CV, which will not only show specialist knowledge, but will potentially be an important differentiator with regard to future applications.

The seminars are relevant to those interested in immigration law, the law as a whole, and global mobility.

There are many different roles that are integral to running a successful law firm, such as finance, IT, marketing, human resources, and these will also be covered. Fragomen has 55 offices worldwide.

Nancy I. Romero