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Ms. Heather Wallick, the former Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid for the Graduate Program at Harvard Law School (HLS) operates a coaching and career planning practice with the goal of providing legal career planning and admissions planning services to lawyers and law students. Ms. Wallick worked for HLS for twelve years. Prior to joining the graduate program at HLS, she worked as a lawyer and immigration law specialist with a focus on business and family immigration to the United States. Today she is director of Wallick Global Consulting Private Limited (WGC), a thriving coaching and career planning practice providing support, mentorship and capacity building to students for their highly competitive international university admission processes.

WGC quickly set the benchmark for higher education career planning and academic counseling in the Indian scenario of international education.


WGC has enjoyed tremendous success with its students with regular admissions to the most prestigious LL.M. programs around the world.

In 2021, the WGCs were admitted to 5 seats in Cambridge and seven in Columbia for graduate degrees in law. For the past four years, Ms. Wallick has guided students for admission to some of the world’s most prestigious law schools, including Harvard, Colombia, Cambridge, NYU, Northwestern, UC Berkeley, UPenn, Cornell, U Chicago , UCL, LSE and NUS with waitlist admissions to Stanford and Yale.

In addition to career planning for lawyers, Ms. Wallick provides guidance to students with their undergraduate, masters and MBA applications and has provided support and capacity building to her students, many of whom have been admitted into the 50’s. best universities in the world, including Princeton. , Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT (Sloan), University of Chicago, Imperial College London, Northwestern (Kellogg), UC Berkeley, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, University of Toronto, UT Austin and Georgetown; However, her priority in starting a WGC in India has always been to provide quality international career planning and application support services to the LLM / SJD law candidate.


Ms. Wallick finds that the most common mistake students make is that they start thinking about the application process very late. Applicants don’t spend enough time and effort building a competitive profile for their LL.M. Instead, they rush to apply and miss out on easy but critical improvements that can add holistic value to their application. A challenge is time management – when preparing publications, services and ‘extra-practice’ activities, care should be taken to balance practice responsibilities and often a very full workload, or, for students, a full course load. Notes and rank matter but are not the only vertical on which suitability for admission is measured, whether in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Ms. Wallick is a barless subject matter mentor. She believes that students should not ask for “help on demand”. Instead, they should request a profile review and work with a mentor who can provide guidance in the early years of law school. This will help the student understand how their performance in law school affects their application process in subsequent years. Ms. Wallick and her team spend sufficient time with their students to ensure a fundamental understanding of the application procedures, materials and requirements. Additionally, Ms. Wallick carefully explains how submissions might be viewed by readers and reviewers of the college admissions team. This is one area where she can provide first-hand insight into her time at Harvard Law School.


Ms. Wallick offers tailored career planning packages for all applicants when competing on a global platform. Ms. Wallick also provides advice to working professionals who wish to apply and works with them during evening and weekend sessions.

Wallick Global Consulting is currently interviewing candidates who need Ms. Wallick’s assistance with coaching and career planning. Please contact us for a consultation by completing the short questionnaire found in the chat box on the WGC website or by calling +918851119559.


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