How I Got Into Law School: Students of Color Should Opt for This ‘Reach’ School, Says Kristine B. Abrenica of Kasowitz Benson Torres

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Kristine B. Abrenica, Partner at Kasowitz Benson Torres

Law school attended: George Washington University School of Law

Tell us about the process for taking the LSAT. Did you feel confident? Did you feel well prepared? How did you feel after taking the test? At the end of my sophomore year at the City College of New York, I was accepted into an honors program sponsored by a law firm. The program offered LSAT prep classes during the summer between my sophomore and freshman year and throughout my freshman year of college. The prep classes broke down the LSAT for us and gave us plenty of opportunities to take practice tests under real-world test conditions. I found it difficult to balance preparing for the LSAT with my work schedule and college course load. I ended up taking the LSAT twice. On the eve of the first time I took the test, I felt more confident and prepared than when I took my first placement test. However, both times I felt extremely nervous and unprepared after taking the test.

Nancy I. Romero