Hyderabad HC lawyer arrested for stealing law books from court


A lawyer from the High Court in Hyderabad was sentenced Tuesday to seven days in judicial detention after being arrested for stealing law books and journals from the court. When police raided the residence of G Gangavenu Gopala Krishna Rao on Monday on suspicion of stealing books, she was unprepared for what she saw. Rows of legal journals, volumes of citations and AIR manuals, all stolen from various offices within the High Court premises, were neatly lined up on shelves and tables.

“He wanted to impress his clients, show them that he had a thriving practice by displaying the books. All of them have been stolen in recent months from various offices and chambers of the High Court, ” Inspector A Yadagiri of Charminar Police Station said.

Lawyer Rao is a resident of New Santosh Nagar Settlement and is originally from Kakinada, East Godavari District. On March 1, the High Court Deputy Inspector’s duty officer G Sathaiah lodged a complaint with Charminar Police Station, stating that court assistant S Sanjeeevaiah had reported several books from the “AIR Manual” and other law books missing from courtroom 13. In his complaint, Deputy Inspector Sathaiah also stated that he viewed the CCTV footage and that on March 15, a person wearing a shirt and a black pants were seen entering courtroom 13.

“Seeing the CCTV footage, we knew he was a lawyer; nobody walks into a courtroom like that. During the investigation, we identified that it was the lawyer Gopala Krishna Rao who was stealing the books. He didn’t have enough money to buy the law books on his own, so he stole them. We have recovered 144 law books from the house of the accused which had been stolen by him for a year in the various high courts. We arrested him and he was remanded in custody for 7 days, ” an official said.


Nancy I. Romero

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