Indiana Law School Preparation Program Aims to Strengthen Diversity in the Legal Profession | State


Minority, disadvantaged, or low-income students or college graduates planning to attend law school in Indiana next year are invited to participate in an intense, residential preparatory experience designed to help under-represented students succeed. .

The Indiana Conference for the Legal Education Opportunity (ICLEO) The program, sponsored by the Indiana Supreme Court, immerses participants in the law school’s freshman program and skills courses designed to closely simulate the law school experience. even before the start of classes.

About 30 students per year are chosen for the program. Students selected next year will participate in a six-week summer institute starting June 12 at the University of Notre Dame, designed to prepare students for the rigors of law school, as well as for law school programs. professional development, field trips and social events.

Students who successfully complete the summer institute receive a scholarship of $ 4,800 per semester for a maximum of six semesters.

ICLEO also offers a range of programs designed to help students during their law studies., including networking opportunities, summer internships, preparation for bar exams, and post-graduation job search assistance.

Applications for the program are available online at The deadline is March 21.

The Supreme Court, with support from the executive and legislative branches of state government, established ICLEO in 1997 to help bring diversity to the Indiana legal profession.

Since then, more than 650 researchers have graduated from ICLEO Fellows.


Nancy I. Romero