Jindal Global Law School Establishes Scholarships and Prizes in Memory of Former Union Law Minister Dr HR Bhardwaj

To honor the memory of the former Union Minister of Law and Justice, Dr HR Bhardwaj, OP Jindal Global University (JGU) organized a commemorative conference on “Law, Democracy and the Idea of ‘India’ by Dr Shashi Tharoor, MP, Lok Sabha. This took place in the presence of the Honorable Mr. Justice Ashok Mathur, former Justice of the Supreme Court of India. JGU also announced the institutionalization of awards, scholarships and scholarships to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr HR Bhardwaj.

This occasion was also graced by the esteemed presence of members of Dr Bhardwaj’s family including Dr Prafullata Bhardwaj, wife of the late Dr Bhardwaj, Mr Arun Bhardwaj, son of the late Dr Bhardwaj and Senior Counsel at the Supreme Court of the ‘India, and Mr. Karan Bhardwaj, the late Dr. Bhardwaj’s grandson.

Speaking at the inaugural commemorative conference, Dr Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament Lok Sabha said: “The late Dr HR Bhardwaj has had a distinguished political and legal career that can hardly be matched. His in-depth knowledge of law was developed over decades of public service during which he served as a parliamentarian for five terms, Union Minister of Law and Justice and Governor of Karnataka and my home state, Kerala. Her contributions to legal and judicial reforms such as the defense of women’s right to property, the introduction of rural courts and the improvement of access to justice for all, the law on the right to information and the struggle for the reservation of women in the Lok Sabha and the legislative assemblies, as well as its encouragement, which Dr Raj Kumar has described so well to our hosts at Jindal Global University, to establish and develop their excellent institution, has been d ‘an incalculable benefit for social and legal progress in India. Elaborating on the theme of the conference – “Law, Democracy and the Idea of ​​India,” Dr Tharoor added, “This is in many ways an appropriate theme, given the current state of our nation. ; but what is the idea of ​​India itself? The idea of ​​India is in one form or another arguably as old as antiquity itself and many other proofs of the aspiration to the cultural unity that appear throughout the history of our civilization. India as a modern nation-state based on a certain conception of human rights and citizenship, vigorously supported by due process and equality before the law, is a relatively recent and surprisingly modern idea. But the modern idea of ​​India despite the mystical influence of Tagore and the spiritual and moral influences of Gandhiji and others is a solidly secular and legal construct based on the vision and intellect of our founding fathers – notably Ambedkar. , Nehru and Patel, and the preamble to the Constitution itself is the most eloquent enumeration of this v ision. “Earlier in this event, during the welcoming speech, the founding vice-chancellor of the OP Jindal Global University, Professor (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar presented JGU’s initiatives in memory of Dr Bhardwaj. He said: “OP Jindal Global University has institutionalized multiple forms of awards and recognition to commemorate the thesis of Dr HR Bhardwaj. First, we have instituted the “Dr HR Bhardwaj Annual Lecture Series” on a theme related to Dr Bhardwaj’s work. We have also decided to institute the “Dr HR Bhardwaj Commemorative Gold Medal” which will be awarded to a student of Jindal Global Law School (JGLS), who takes the first place in the constitutional law course at the ceremony. graduation from the university. There will be an annual moot court competition and we will institute the “Dr. HR Bhardwaj International Research Fellowship” which will be awarded annually to a distinguished young scholar. “Later in a discussion, while recalling his earlier recollections of Dr Bhardwaj, Dr Raj said:” Over ten years ago, in 2004, I had the privilege of presenting my article on “To establish India’s first world university in the presence of Dr Bhardwaj. He was kind enough to take some time on the eve of Independence Day to allow me to elaborate more on my vision. This discussion lasted over two hours, and a few weeks later, Dr Bhardwaj introduced me to our Founding Benefactor and Chancellor, Mr. Naveen Jindal. The rest is history. We will always be grateful to Dr Bhardwaj for believing in our vision and giving us the platform to make this dream of world class education in India a reality. We feel truly privileged, lucky and honored to have such an inspiring leader as a mentor and guide. Her presence will always be missed, and we are truly honored to spend this opportunity with her family and loved ones. “Dr HR Bhardwaj was a visionary leader, eminent lawyer, humanitarian, scholar and politician who left a remarkable legacy. Lawyer by profession, appointed as Senior Counsel by the Supreme Court of India in 2000, the Dr. Bhardwaj’s legal and political career has spanned more than five decades and has been widely recognized as possessing a keen appreciation of the intersection between law and politics. As a five-time Member of Parliament to Rajya Sabha from 1982 In 2009, Dr Bhardwaj was Minister of State for Law and Justice of the Union, Senior Vice-President of the Institute for Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies, Minister of State (independent head) of the Ministry. program planning and implementation and more.

This commemorative lecture was further enhanced by the presence of the Honorable Mr. Justice Ashok Mathur, former Justice of the Supreme Court of India, who delivered the presidential address. During his address, he highlighted the impact of Dr Bhardwaj’s work and said: “Dr HR Bhardwaj was himself a great, prolific writer and the author of seminal books. He had a big heart and he never discriminated on the basis of any religion or caste. Dr Bhardwaj has always rendered great service to the judiciary. He also made great contributions to the development of the law based on the cases rendered by the Supreme Court judgment. Emphasizing the importance of the institutionalization of the Dr Bhardwaj Memorial Fellowships by JGU, Professor Dabiru Sridhar Patnaik, Registrar, JGU said: “Without the support of Dr Bhardwaj, we would not have been able to get where we are at. are today. Dr HR Bhardwaj’s long-standing contributions to the field of law and justice, we engage in those activities which are based on access to justice, standards of excellence and advocacy of nation-building continued by Dr HR Bhardwaj. inspiration to commemorate his legacy and we are confident that these activities will encourage law students, academics and legal practitioners to achieve excellence in the fields of law and public policy, thus contributing to the interpretation of development of law and jurisprudence. This momentous event was made truly special by the tributes paid by members of Dr. Bhardwaj’s family. In response to the commemorative lecture on “Law, Democracy and Idea of ​​India”, the family of the famous jurist praised JGU’s initiative and said it was a great way to remember him, celebrate him. and to perpetuate his memory.

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