Jindal Law School professor teaches anti-India rhetoric to students, says it’s about ‘Indian-occupied Kashmir’

A video of an ongoing session at Jindal Global Law School has surfaced on the internet in which a professor is seen ranting about Kashmir being “Indian occupied” territory. Identified as Arijeet Ghosh, the assistant professor who is a faculty member of the law school who is seen giving his opinion on Kashmir as a ‘contentious issue’ in a class believed to have taken place on September 9, 2021.

In the screen recording of the video, shared by columnist Shefali Vaidya on Twitter, during the BA LLB class at Jindal Global Law School, the assistant professor is seen answering a question from his student. He says. “Yes, that never happened and that’s why Kashmir still remains a contentious issue… And if you want my opinion, I call on Jammu and Kashmir to be Indian-occupied Kashmir although India tries to say that it is Indian territory and Indian administered Kashmir. I will certainly think that it is an aspect of the occupation, which the Kashmiris also say.

After a while of trying to reconnect his opinion, he said, “I’m not going to go into detail, it’s an emotional question, isn’t it..? We see Sunny Deol shouting at the border saying Doodh mangoge to Kheer Denge, Kashmir mangoge to Cheer denge (If you ask us for milk, we’ll give you custard. If you ask us for Kashmir, you’ll be sliced)” With an awkward smile, the professor shamelessly tried to cover it up saying, “There’s a lot of emotional aspect to Kashmir and so I won’t go into that…”

Professor Arijeet Ghosh’s biography on the school’s website states that he was also part of the 21st Law Commission of India as a consultant. With an LLM in Human Rights from University College London, Ghosh has worked with think tanks, Human Rights Initiatives, as well as being an Adjunct Professor at Jindal Global Law School.

In an earlier development, the school was caught up in controversy in a similar incident over the curriculum for the political science course. The textbook for the political science course taught at the school had topics calling the Indian state an “oppressor” while talking about the revolutionary struggle in India. In another segment, allegations of “rising Hindu authoritarianism” were also made. The issue was flagged by Shefali Vaidya on Twitter when she was seen demanding an explanation from Naveen Jindal, the industrialist who runs the school.

This is not the first time such anti-Indian rhetoric has emerged from Jindal’s classrooms. The anti-Indian and Hinduphobic apology runs deep on private university campuses like Jindal Global Law School. Earlier, another faculty of the same institution, Shruti Pandey had associated untouchability with Hindu religion as a necessary practice.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Shruti Pandey was heard saying: “My professor Upendra Bakshi who used to teach in law school used to say that all Hindus practice untouchability… I don’t think so. … But it’s true, guys. Go back and look at yourself and how you practice untouchability in silent, invisible ways that we don’t even understand.

Nancy I. Romero