Updated website answers legal questions about divorce and provides information for families in transition

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, Feb. 1, 2022 / — Attorney Robert Geller and his team at Geller Divorce Law Firm recently launched their new family law website, The new site offers information on important topics in family law.

Family law encompasses many different topics. Lawyers who practice family law focus on a variety of issues relevant to currently married and former spouses, parents and children.

Topics covered on the new site include:

• Custody and parental rights
• Alimony
• Alimony / spousal support
• Asset Allocation
• Pre and post nuptial agreements
• Mediation
• Modification of existing divorce agreements
• Rights of grandparents
• Parental move

Most families in transition have a lot of questions about these topics. Whether dealing with a new situation or trying to remedy a problem created during a finalized divorce, legal questions require reliable answers. Robert Geller and his family law team intend to provide those answers.

The site serves as the first point of access to professional legal help at an affordable flat rate for divorcing couples.

Geller and her team understand that divorce is one of the most difficult challenges a family can face. Even when spouses agree that ending their marriage is the right thing to do, problems that arise during the divorce process trigger difficult emotions. In many cases, this creates contentious legal battles.

No divorced spouse should be forced to deal with these issues on their own without experienced and educated legal advice. If you and your spouse are about to divorce in Florida, Geller and her team can help.

The new site offers information and answers to common questions among divorced spouses. In addition, the new website includes a blog that will cover family law topics in depth.

For more information on the updated website or to learn more about Geller and her staff at Geller Divorce Firm, visit their website at or call her team at 813-405-1509.

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