NDC taking advantage of our mismanagement of law school admissions – leading member of NPP



CEO of Accra Digital Center, Kofi Ofosu Nkansah

• NPP member thinks NDC scores political points on law school admissions issues

• 2 NDC deputies begin the process of amending the law on legal professions

• MEPs want law faculties to be able to provide professional law courses

A member of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Kofi Ofosu Nkansah, lamented the government’s handling of legal education issues in Ghana.

Following rekindled calls for an expansion of legal education and other issues related to admissions to the Ghana School of Law, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Accra Digital Center, the current government has failed to properly deal with the resulting problems giving way to the opposition, the Democratic National Congress, to take advantage of the situation.

“I couldn’t agree more with the Oman FM team this morning.

“The students are friends of NPP. Law students are part of our “Constituency”. We are not handling these law school admissions issues well and NDC is taking the opportunity to score political points. It’s not too late to fix this problem, ”he shared in a Facebook post about a discussion on the same topic on pro-NPP radio station Oman FM.

Some 499 applicants who have enrolled in Ghana Law School 2021 are applying to be admitted to the school because they have passed the exam.

Among accusations that the General Legal Council is deliberately limiting the number of law school admissions, the Parliament of Ghana passed a resolution calling on the GLC to admit students who claim to have passed entrance exams on the basis of criteria announced by the Council.

The attorney general, in response to the parliament’s decision, said the legislature does not have the power to make the GLC decide on the instrumentation of a resolution.

Meanwhile, two members of parliament from the minority side have started processes to revise the law that establishes and defines the role of the General Legal Council.

South Dayi MP Rockson Nelson Defeamekpor and Francis-Xavier Kojo Sosu (Madina) presented a note to the Clerk of Parliament calling for a bill to be drafted to amend the Legal Professions Act, 1960, Act 32.

Among other things, the deputies want the new bill to result in the exclusion of the chief justice and judges of the Supreme Court from the body responsible for the management and regulation of legal education in the country.

“Sir, we are writing to ask the Legislative Drafting Office to draft for later submission to the President a bill amending the Law on Legal Professions of 1960, Law 32, to exclude the Chief Justice as well as other GLC Supreme Court justices to redefine the functions of the GLC and provide for legal education reforms so that accredited law schools with the required facilities are allowed to conduct law courses professional, provide for the discipline of lawyers and related matters to give effect to Article 37, paragraph 1, of the Constitution of 1992 ”, indicates the note of October 26, 2021.



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