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Kolkata: For the new age lawyer, having legal knowledge is just not enough. You also need to be comfortable with the ways in which technology is used in all areas of life, its profound impacts on business, ethics, norms and traditions, its stretch limits and pitfalls. To help students better understand the impact of technology on modern life, the National University of Legal Sciences (NUJS) commissioned a law firm to mentor a course that has just been introduced into the curriculum. .
This is the first time that NUJS has allowed an outside agency to mentor and teach a course to its law students. Teaching-learning is currently done online. The course will also be the first of its kind in the country’s national law schools.
The course – “Legal Innovation and Technology” – is an eight-week program that will be led by the law firm Algo Legal. The curriculum was developed by the company, which also provides the faculty for the course. There is no cap yet on the number of students who can opt for the course.
“The course will cover a diverse set of interesting topics such as data digitization, intelligent documentation, legal design concepts and the culture of compliance. The revolutionary fields of artificial intelligence and the far-reaching impacts of digital technology in today’s life will be part of the rhetoric, simply because a new age lawyer must tackle related issues ” NUJS Vice-Chancellor Nirmal Kanti Chakraborty said.
“The practice of law is continually evolving around the world due to the enormous impact of technology and therefore our students must undergo training to ride this wave of change. We hope the course will give them a head start, ”said Rasmeet Charya, spokesperson for Algo Legal.


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