Rats Digest Law Books in Small Causes Court Library in Bandra During Lockdown | Bombay News

MUMBAI: The covid-19 lockdown may have blocked the rat race among humans, but not the rats who rushed to anything edible as Librarian at Bandra Small Cases Court in Mumbai l ‘discovered with horror. The librarian who resides near the courthouse went to check his library just a few days ago to see books being shredded by rodents.
“I immediately moved the remaining books to another cabinet and will spray some medicine,” he said on Wednesday. The rats, he said, may have crept through a small space in a closet. Others were doing well, he said.
The Bombay High Court Judges’ Library, which contains many rare books, is doing well and the staff of Deputy Clerk, Library, Uma Narayan, are checking regularly during the lockdown. The other two libraries in the HC bar rooms were also doing well, another staff member interviewed on Wednesday said.
The long, extended lockdown that has closed all establishments may need to be checked for such a rodent threat, a city college librarian said.
Small cases lawyers, Mayank Chandan and Sunil Samant, were appalled. Samant said the librarian took good care of the library and was “adept at finding any book or similar quote when searched within minutes.”

Nancy I. Romero

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