The entrance test to the law course at St Xavier’s University will take place on July 18


Aspirants can take the exams online from home

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Posted on 06.18.21, 01:49 AM

St Xavier’s University, New Town, which had postponed the Xavier Law Admission Test (XLAT) to April due to the pandemic, has scheduled the tests for July 18. Aspirants can take the tests online from their homes.

The computerized test which would have required a visit to examination centers was to take place in nine cities, including Calcutta, on April 25.

From now on, the test will be internet-based. If an aspirant has poor connectivity at home, he or she can go to campus and use the university’s facilities to take the tests.

“Aspirants are free to come to the New Town campus and use our computer labs to take the tests online. They can stay in our hostels on campus and take the tests in our laboratories. Up to 400 candidates can use the labs to take the tests, following safety protocols, ”said Vice Chancellor Father Felix Raj. The telegraph.

Xavier Law School, a unit of St Xavier’s University, offers integrated BA LLB (Honors) and BCom LLB (Honors) courses over five years.

Students with the required plus-II qualifications – uploaded on the university’s website – and who are not over 20 years of age as of July 1, 2021, are eligible to apply for the admission tests.

Father Felix Raj said in a meeting on Wednesday that the university has decided to let aspirants write the tests online from their homes to avoid exposure to the coronavirus at a time when large numbers of people are testing positive for Covid across the country on a daily basis.

“The infection rate may have dropped from what it was at the end of April or May, but the threat persists. So, we don’t want aspirants leaving their homes to take the tests. If there is a connectivity problem at home, they are free to come to campus and write the tests, ”he said.

Law school classes will begin online on August 9.

A university official said that due to the delay in the start of the academic year, the duration of the Puja and Christmas holidays will be reduced so that the first semester program can be completed on time.

Since most applicants will take the tests at home, the university will introduce “remote monitoring” measures to ensure that no unfair means are taken, the official said. “Aspirants will be asked to keep their desktop or laptop cameras on so that there can be remote monitoring. If they decide to write the tests from our computer labs, there will be in-person monitoring. “


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