The results of the first semester exam of the DAVV law course can be withdrawn

Indore: Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV), who had recently promoted first semester students of some law courses based on their internal grades following the Covid-19 situation, may now have to withdraw the results because the dean of the faculty of law wrote a letter to DAVV stating that students cannot be taken without exams.

Citing a notification from the Bar Council of India, the dean, Dr Inamur Rahman, said students have to take exams to reach the top grade.

In June, the BCI said all law students, except those in their final year, would be promoted on the basis of their grades from the previous year and grades obtained on the internal exam for the year. In progress.

However, he clarified that after the reopening of colleges / universities, institutions can organize the end of semester exam with regard to the year from which the students were promoted, within a reasonable time, although these promoted students continue to study in the year to which they were promoted.

And if the students fail certain exams, they will have to pass them before obtaining the diploma.

Rahman noted that the ordinance made it clear that law students had to take exams.

After the Dean’s letter, the DAVV would have retained the results of all semesters except the last. If the university is to withdraw results, the decision may not only embarrass it, but also spark protests from students.

But the university would have no choice but to withdraw the results, otherwise the degrees awarded to the promoted students could be called into question.

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Posted on: Friday October 23, 2020, 5:00 a.m. IST

Nancy I. Romero

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