The sneaker law course is now offered in the Sneaker Essentials program

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The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Complex have partnered with the authors of Sneaker Law to provide students in their online Sneaker Essentials program with another unique educational experience.

Founded in 2018, Sneaker Essentials is an online training program that covers a wide range of topics ranging from sneaker history, design and materials, manufacturing and production, distribution and sales retail, branding and media strategy and marketing. Sneaker Law will be the seventh program offered in the program and will explain how law works in the sports footwear industry.

Each course will take approximately two to three hours and is divided into several shorter modules and activities that students complete at their own pace. Classes are taught by FIT professors, Complex staff, and various experts and influencers from top brands in the sneaker industry.

The Sneaker Law Handbook was written and published last year by Kenneth Anand and Jared Goldstein and teaches readers all about the business and legal aspects behind the sneaker industry. Topics include resale, counterfeits, licensing, etc.

Students who complete the online program will receive a non-credit certificate of achievement in Sneaker Essentials from FIT. Readers interested in learning more about the course can do so here.

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