UM to Conduct ‘Independent’ Law School Review Following Student-Led Walkout | Local News


Johns was not surprised that Kirgis was present during the walkout, he said.

“I totally agree with the survivors who were uncomfortable having him there. I would be too if I was personally affected by his gas lighting, ”Johns said.

A combination of current and former students as well as law school professors attended the event. Some were holding hand-painted signs with the slogans “believe the survivors” and “quit now”. Others wore purple shirts with words printed like “survivor” or “solidarity”.

“This climate at law school for female faculty and staff has prompted many of us to leave and we have made many attempts to point out the issues here to the administration, Title IX and the provost to find out what they are, “retired from UM. said law professor Cynthia Ford as she walked with the rally.

Another event organizer, Annie Holland, shared her experience as a domestic violence survivor despite fears the abuser could retaliate against her for speaking out.

She noted that when assaults are not adequately addressed on campus, survivors are denied an equal educational experience because they may feel uncomfortable attending class for fear of meeting their abuser.

“When a school operates out of fear of being sued by people accused of rape, but not afraid of being sued by the victim seeking justice, we need to change that equation and we need to provide legal advocacy. – advocacy with victims against school for success, ”said Holland.


Nancy I. Romero

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