University Law Course Advocacy Against Madras in Distance Mode



The petitioner, B Ramkumar Adityan, requested a provisional suspension on the admission notification and admission of students. He argued that, while disposing of a batch of court applications, the High Court had ruled that students studying their PG in law degree either in private study mode at university or in teaching mode at distance at Annamalai University were not eligible for appointment as law professors.

Furthermore, the petitioner stated in his DIP that the court made it clear that only applicants who had completed regular law courses, both at bachelor’s and master’s level and had attended colleges or universities, were eligible. Those whose PG was obtained by other programs, whether by correspondence or private or by any other method which does not conform to the regular program, could not be considered for an appointment as professors of law.

“Therefore, studying and taking law courses within the framework of private studies has only led to litigation and several problems for the students conferred with such degrees,” said the petitioner.

He also noted that the courses offered without any recognition from the Indian Bar Council made this qualification questionable, ultimately affecting students who obtained such degrees with the great hope of building a career in law.


Nancy I. Romero

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