UPDATE: Dean of UM Law School resigns following student-led walkout; associate dean should resign | Local News


“I hope this is just an opportunity to rebuild this relationship with him and regain the trust … I hope he will take this opportunity to get to know his students again and understand the needs again and move forward in the common sense leadership with progress in visibility and transparency at school, ”said Holland.

As for the future head of law school, Johns would appreciate having a current faculty member take the reins, he said.

“Maybe someone who has been here and knows about the problems of this law school and maybe has some ideas on how to solve them, but has not really been listened to by the outgoing leaders,” said Johns.

“It’s a complicated place and there is a lot of drama and stuff that needs to be cleaned up,” he continued. ” There are many problems.

Holland agreed, noting that there are plenty of professors in law school who would be “absolutely amazing”, but would also be open to an external candidate.

“It would be great to see a certain diversity, continuity of women and people who are educated about trauma and are ready to do the right thing even when it’s difficult,” said Holland. “That would be my main quality.

Regardless of the next chapter of leadership in law school, Holland and Everett are eager to focus on their education.


Nancy I. Romero

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